Business clients

Third Party Liability

The Insurer undertakes to cover, within the agreed limits of liability, all sums that the Insured is obliged to pay based on a court decision or an agreement for the damages caused to third parties arising from his civil liability during and on the occasion of the performance of his activity .

Property Insurance

Operators of commercial and office properties face the risks of natural disasters causing damage and loss of value to their property (owned or operated), and especially the risk of business interruption. They are also liable for damage caused to tenants, visitors and others.

Effective insurance coverage should be based on a property-specific risk analysis. INSTRADE’s specialists will develop an optimal insurance solution that meets your unique needs and requirements.

Fleet Insurance

INSTRADE’s specialists are your trusted partner in motor and fleet insurance – they will always recommend the best cover on the best terms the market has to offer. Using state-of-the-art technology, INSTRADE provides efficient insurance coverage and first-class service to individual and business owners and operators of motor vehicles and trailers. From the wide range of products on the market, our specialists will help you choose the most suitable Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, Accident Insurance and a combination of supplementary insurances.

Health Insurance

Voluntary health insurance is a very popular social benefit for employees and employers.

We can offer a package of healthcare services tailor-made for your company or organisation at preferential rates or improve the terms of existing contracts.

Cargo Insurance

We’ll help you eliminate the risk of liability for damage to goods in transit and reduce penalties for late delivery.

We will build an effective insurance solution for your cargo risk – a solution that evolves according to your current needs. Cargo insurance, developed based on a needs analysis, is already helping customers save money by reducing the risks associated with their cargo.

Our experienced cargo insurance specialists ensure that you can run your business with peace of mind – whether you are a carrier, exporter, importer or any other business for which good carrier liability, cargo, vehicle and property insurance are essential.

We have extensive experience in insuring cargo in transit, both locally and internationally. We can provide competitive rates for insuring cargo of any size and nature, including artwork, specialty products, oversized cargo, and more.

Financial Insurance


Pursuant to Article 111, paragraph 5, item 3 of the Public Procurement Act, the insurance replaces the bank guarantee. In this way, the undertaking frees up financial resources which it can use for other purposes.

Financial loss insurance

The insurance offers protection against both financial risks such as non-payment of a third party to the insured and risks related to the action of unforeseen and unpreventable economic and natural forces specified in the insurance policy.

With over 25 years of experience serving business clients, we are able to provide elegant solutions in virtually all economic sectors. We have ready-made insurance packages , which will save you money and time. We will responsibly monitor the status of your contracts and provide professional assistance and mediation in the event of a loss.

Information Technology

Застраховка Кибер риск, покриваща финансови загуби в резултат от пробиви и изтичане на чуствителна информация.

Cyber Risk is an insurance solution designed with the target group of businesses working with large volumes of data in mind: IT companies (especially cloud service providers and developers), online shops, online bookmakers, media, utility companies (telecommunications, electricity, heat, gas, water, etc.), retail, financial services or healthcare providers.

Construction / Infrastructure

Instrade specializes in construction risk management and insurance expertise. A team of experienced professionals will build an insurance solution tailored to your individual needs and requirements. The added value is the know-how of our specialists, who have an excellent knowledge of what the market offers in construction insurance – so you always get the best cover on the best terms. As the exclusive insurance broker serving members of the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Civil Engineers, we offer comprehensive insurance solutions for the Construction industry. We know the specifics and requirements and can offer elegant insurance solutions to save you money and time.

Marine insurance

Our dedicated team works closely with clients and with all the leading A rated insurers and international markets. We offer innovative and tailored solutions for yacht and commercial vessel owners worldwide, on a direct and reinsurance basis.

Financial institutions

We offer specialist insurance solutions for banks and other financial institutions, underwritten by A-rated insurers in the London and European insurance markets.

Running a corporation involves many risks. Claims for damages caused by a poor management decision can threaten your company’s survival, which is why our Directors and Officers Liability Insurance brings a lot of added value.

The Management and Supervisory Board Members’ Liability Insurance (Directors & Officers Liability Insurance – D&O) covers the risk of financial loss caused by members of the management and supervisory bodies of the company during their executive service.


Bundled insurance solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the retail and service industries that save money and time. INSTRADE, in collaboration with selected insurers, offers exclusive products for small businesses and sole traders with fast, comprehensive and competitive insurance and broad risk coverage.

Agricultural insurances

Raising livestock and crops is a specific and risky activity, exposed to the influence of various objective factors that are sometimes beyond the will of man and can cause the loss of the funds invested by the farmers. This calls for the need to protect the funds invested.


Any hotelier or restaurateur wishing to operate safely and securely from foreseeable and not so foreseeable risks takes out insurance. Insurance is one of the means of managing, controlling and limiting the hazards threatening the business.

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